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I also promise that I'll make it relevant to Facebook's recent decision to designate its workers "Metamates":

"Mr. Zuckerberg introduced the term as part of an overhaul of Meta’s corporate values, which he said needed updating because of the company’s new direction. In October, he took many by surprise by shifting Facebook toward the so-called metaverse, in which different computing platforms are connected to one another across the internet. The move de-emphasized the company’s social networking apps, like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which have been under scrutiny for privacy and data challenges, hateful content and misinformation."

"So past Facebook values like 'Be bold' and 'Focus on impact'? They are gone. In their place are 'Live in the future,' 'Build awesome things,' 'Focus on long-term impact' and 'Meta, Metamates, me,' Mr. Zuckerberg said on Tuesday."


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