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That Fong's Pizza is really intriguing. I just never really pictured Chinese food being presented as a pizza before. I guess it was only a matter of time before restaurants started occupying this niche. It would make sense though, as Chinese cuisine is pretty well established here in the states. Just as Mexican cuisine is, and it's now not hard to find a Mexican pizza. After I read your column, I googled "Chinese Pizza" and looked for anything of that sort near where I live, but to no avail. I did see some online recipes and a handful of restaurants in different states that offering a Chinese pizza of some sort, but not near me. I did look at Fong's website and judging by the food pics shown, looks delicious. If I were in Des Moines, I would definitely go there and give it a try. In the meantime, I'll see if the friends and colleagues I've texted about a Chinese pizza, have actually had one and know of a restaurant within driving distance. Fingers crossed. :)

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Good luck - Fong's appears to be a mainly-Iowa thing, much to my chagrin. That said, it is an additional motivation to go visit the in-laws in Cedar Rapids.

I may try to recreate their egg roll mozzarella stick recipe. If I'm successful, I'll share the instructions in a future Note. (Though I might Google first to see if someone else has already written that up.)

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