I was hoping you’d also ask him what is a “genuine Republican” and what is the secret sign of one?

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I assume that if you have to ask, that automatically makes you a RINO.

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Nobody is willing to fight a war for you people anymore . . . Looks like Don Rumsfeld was right with the comment ‘Europe has shifted on its axis’, the wrong side won WW2, and it is becoming clearer with each and every day . . . What has NATO done to defend Europe?

Absolutely nothing.

My enemies are not in Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, Riyadh, or in some ethereal Teutonic boogeyman, my enemies are in Washington, Brussels, and Tel Aviv.

Jewish messianism has been spreading its poisonous message among us for nearly two thousand years. Democratic and communist universalisms are more recent, but they have only come to reinforce the old Jewish narrative. These are the same ideals.

Fuck you and your Jewish god.

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