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Just one idea about the returned mail. I had some important mail returned to sender when I was a grad student (don't remember exactly, something about registration or graduation or something). I had no idea it happened, but was eventually accused of missing some deadline or payment and figured out how to go pick up the mail. It had the return markings from the post office, and also a correctly printed (typed) address. When I went to the post office clearly irritated, they kind of shrugged it off like that's something that sometimes just happens when their machine reads the mail wrong. So I can't help but conclude that sometimes mail gets returned even when the person really still lives there and nothing is wrong their address that is clearly typed onto the letter. As such, I would suggest that more than one returned letter should be needed to purge a voter. One idea would be to send a follow-up saying they will need to bring additional proof of residency next time they vote, which would provide ample warning to the person in case the address is actually correct, and would provide a 2nd returned piece if the address is wrong.

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That is entirely reasonable.

We did run across cases like that during the election, and something that has been a big help on that front is online billing. Most times, someone has some form of online bill and they could pull it up on their phone and show us the bill. It saved a lot of people (mostly younger ones who were just out of college) a trip and helped us satisfy the residency verification requirement.

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